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It is a fact of life that many people are unhappy with the way they look. But women here in Japan are under an enormous pressure to look beautiful, cute and perfect to find a desirable partner. Thanks to a different body image many women (and men) have no problem with using what Westerners would consider extreme measures — strong whitening of the skin, cosmetic surgery, wearing special contact lenses every day to make the iris look bigger and colorful, using lots of make-up to display perfect skin, and so on. Of course most of these measures are rather expensive, so there are also tons of products for the less affluent that promise much but use rather suspicious methods. One of my favorites is the CoCo nose re-shaper (“Beautiful New Look of Nose”):

Be a Cleopatra’s nose
Indispensable for your beautiful nose
You wouldn’t miss a chance

Apparently a Cleopatra’s nose is a large and straight nose that seems to be highly desirable for Japanese females. Just put that clothes pin-like clam on your nose and watch TV and the impossible might happen — or probably not. Anyway, as this product is rather widespread and available in pretty much every drugstore, I guess that some people are really buying it and that “being a Cleopatra’s nose” is the goal of quite a few Japanese ladies…

Another highlight of bizarre Japanese beauty products is Noble’s “Slim Mouth Piece”. This simple little gadget is supposed to help Japanese women “For getting a tight and slim face.” (キュッとした小顔をめざす) Use this device 2-3 minutes every day and it will turn your large, lusting Asian mouth into a boring, thin Westerner’s, enabling you to smile crazily from one ear to the other. But as with the nose clip I have my doubts that this device will give you anything but sore facial muscles — the underlying aesthetic issue is caused by bone structure and not something that can be affected by simple plastic toys.

Best of all is that many of these products feature Western models — as if these stereotypical “dumb blondes” are either highly regarded role models for Japanese females, or that their look was archieved by using these products — as if Westerners look like that only because they are avid fans of DIY plastic surgery…

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  1. please i want to know how can i buy this product ( ‘CoCo – Beautiful New Look of Nose’ ) because i m interested in buying it ,
    please reply as soon as possible

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    i believe the purpose of this product is target toning of facial muscles, especially in the area where asian women have most problems. Everyone has wrinkles that appear around their mouths as they age, but for most asian women, especially Japanese and Korean women, they tend to have wider cheeks and therefore heavier, saggier, more defined wrinkles especially around their mouth. I think this product probably helps a little but obviously its not gonna reshape the contours of your facial structure under the skin. It probably could make some limited difference by toning the muscles that are attached to these contours under the skin. I think though, asian women would be better off embracing their beauty.

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    I need this product
    I am from Pakistan by which method this product reach to my home

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