May 032010
Pink VW beetle

  Now this is individualism in Japan! Not only has someone bought a foreign car (instead one from a trusted Japanese manufacturer), it also is a real vintage oldtimer. On top of it all the color is shocking pink. But apparently the owner has had some problems with it… or did some mischievous neighbor smash […]

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May 022010
Espresso Pasta

  Well, the exotism of Japanese food companies sometimes goes a bit too far. Naming their pasta after the famous Italian coffee drink just seems ridicioulus to me, but obviously it didn’t stop them. So enjoy your Espresso Pasta, available in several distinct flavors!

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May 022010
White alley cat portrait

  This beautiful cat was met in 初台 (Hatsudai, Shinjuku-ku). He might look a bit wary on this photo, but this tomcat was actually quite friendly and not shy at all. While most street cats are rather scared and will not let you near them, this kittie enjoyed being petted. I just hope he has […]

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May 022010
Soccer World Cup decoration

  The 2010 FIFA football world cup is approaching and although the Japanese team is not actually a serious contender, this doesn’t stop the people here from expressing their excitement. A local Izakaya restaurant has placed this interesting arrangement on the sidewalk next to their entrance, wishing the Japanese players the best of luck (がんばれ!ニッポン).

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May 012010
Salt and Lime drink

  What a combination! Lime and grapefruit juice with… salt? This ソルティ・ライム seems to be a rather new creation by Kirin and while their “world kitchen” (世界のKitchenから) line of beverages includes some tasty offerings, I am not sure about this one. Probably good for your health, though…

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May 012010
"Zonbie" sticker irony

  In the Japanese language an “n” (ん) followed by a “b” or “p” consonant is always pronounced as an “m” sound. For example, although it is actually written kanpai, the Japanese equivalent of “cheers!” is pronounced “kampai!”, of course. There is no single “m” consonant, in fact, there is only the ん as sole […]

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May 012010
Deer mask mannequin

  Shops in Tokyo try many things to stand out from their competition. Adding some kind of creative costume or headdress to their outdoor mannequins is not uncommon for stores catering to the younger crowd. This deerhead-mask wearing figure was photographed in Shimo-Kitazawa. It is still one of the more tamer results trying to get […]

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