May 212010

The Aroma Garden massage parlor in Shibuya seems to have some problems with its foreign customers. While the Japanese know what to expect and how to behave, their English-speaking clients are apparently hoping for something… different. So they put up a second sign stating: “Welcome! Aroma Massage. Not adult entertainment. Only beautiful girls.” I hope it helps…

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May 072010

Next to the Shimo-Kitazawa station I noticed this cool poster of the Japanese “chiptune” band YMCK. It displays a pretty accurate depiction the Shimo-Kitazawa station and the surrounding area, illustrated in cute computer/video game design. The railroad crossing on the right side really is one of the bottlenecks for traffic here, and occasionally it can take quite some time until you will be able to cross the tracks in rush hour train schedule. Since this neighborhood is a center for the more alternative music styles, I guess it is a pretty neat idea to advertise here with a custom-made banner.

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